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Back Pain

We are trained to be able to assess the body as a whole and to identify if your back problem has occurred as result of issues associated with the pelvis and lower limbs.

Over the last few years orthotics have been seen to help resolve back issues where the root problem is due to a biomechanical issue of the feet. This type of back pain is usually seen in walkers and runners.

Back pain caused by mild muscle strains should settle within a few days but if you still feel some discomfort after this it would be advisable to consult a chartered physiotherapist. Prolapsed discs and sacro-iliac dysfunction are only some back problems which can be very painful and debilitating. Early physiotherapy intervention can lead to a speedy recovery and minimise relapse.

Some back pain tips :

  1. Avoid slouching in soft sofas. Sit in a chair whereby the knee joint is either in line with your hip joint of slightly lower.
  2. When picking up objects get in close and always bend your knees keeping the back straight.
  3. Avoid anything that causes pain when you have an episode of pain
  4. Heat can help during the early stages when muscle spasm is at its greatest. Thermacare heat pads have been reported to be helpful. However, something as simple as a hot water bottle is just as good.
  5. Be careful if you suffer with tummy ulcers don't consume anti-inflammatory such as nurofen without consulting your doctor. If you don't suffer with ulcers it is advisable to eat something before taking ibuprofen.


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